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Kemper System the home of sustainable liquid roofing

What have the Gherkin in London, the BMW car plant in Steyr and the Empire State building in New York all have in common? Along with countless numbers of buildings and structures world-wide, they are all protected by Kemperol liquid waterproofing supplied by Kemper System.

In 1957, Dr Kemper developed the company's first liquid roofing system, a wet-on-wet, cold liquid-applied, fully fleece reinforced resin waterproofing membrane. Since then, Kemper System products have demonstrated proven performance on billions of square metres around the world.

Today, Kemper System is a worldwide leader in manufacturing the highest quality wet-on-wet, cold applied liquid waterproofing and roofing membranes for the construction industry.


Beware of imitations – Kemperol V210 was the very first fleece reinforced liquid waterproofing system in Europe and has over 50 years proven effectiveness globally. To this day, Kemper System continues to lead the market with innovative new products and the development of complete solvent-free liquid waterproofing and surfacing systems.

Kemperol 2K-PUR is the first solvent-free, odourless, liquid applied, wet-on-wet waterproofing system available in the UK. Ideal for construction projects where environmental considerations are important or where buildings are occupied and work needs to continue without the disruption caused by the fumes from solvent based products.

Existing Roof Recovery

Kemper System membranes offer the ideal solution for the recovery of existing roofs where removal of and the logistics associated with the existing assembly presents costly challenges. They adhere to virtually any substrate and compensate for movements in the structure caused by thermal expansion/contraction of different materials. Residual moisture in the structure can dry out, due to the membrane's vapour diffusion properties. Application of Kemper System membrane from edge-to-edge brings a peace-of-mind solution and long term protection of the building.


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